Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2012

The Hazara of Afghanistan: Cultural Exhibit Lecture

By Salman Heydari

The Hazara of Afghanistan: Cultural Exhibit Lecture was developed to increase awareness of the rich history and cultural heritage of the Hazara people from Afghanistan, who now live throughout the world. The Hazara ethnic group, the third largest in Afghanistan, is a culture that has survived despite genocide and decades of political oppression at the hands of the Taliban and other Afghan regimes.

The lecture and exhibit are the work of Mr. Mohammed Rezaee, who emigrated to the U.S. eight years ago. He now lives in metro Atlanta with his wife and family. He has delivered the lecture several times in the Atlanta area, at the same time showing photographs (taken by professional photojournalists) of Hazara life, using computer technology to show the photos in large-scale, living color.
More than a hundred of Americans, including high level officials, attended the opening on January 17, 2012, an evening reception at which the Americans were served Hazaragi foods, (Bosragh and Pirki) prepared by Mr. Rezaee’s wife. They were also invited to a display of Hazaragi clothes.
After the gallery reception Mr. Rezaee gave a lecture about the history of Hazaras and the current conditions of the Hazara people. Also, a brief history of Hazaras, which was written by a famous Hazara historian, Mr. Kazim Yazdani, was distributed to those in attendance in a brochure format.
There was a separate opening for Afghans. Mr. Baisr Dowlat Abadi, Mr. Abdul Khaliq Hazara, and Mr. Ishaq Mohammadi gave lectures—via Skype—about Hazaras’ history, culture, customs, and the current condition of the Hazara people.
The on-going photo exhibit features works of Hazara photojournalists Hafize Besharat, Muzafer Ali, Barat Ali Batoor, Sajad Goher and Mohammad Rezaee, which have never been seen before in the United States. The photo exhibit (large framed copies of the photographs) is on display at Tucker Public Library, metro Atlanta, until March 28, 2012. Up to now, many Americans have visited the photo exhibit.
The lecture-exhibit will again be presented, at no cost, on June 14, 2012. Georgia Perimeter College, which is one of the largest of Georgia’s colleges, will host the presentation at their Dunwoody Campus. The photo exhibit will be open to the public through July 13, 2012.
You are cordially invited to attend the lecture for the opening of the photography exhibit, on Jun 14, 2012. The lecture will include a food tasting, a display of traditional clothing items, and a discussion of the history and unique culture of the Hazara people.
For more information please visit The Hazara of Afghanistan: Cultural Exhibit Lecture’s Facebook page,

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  1. Very well done. We must aware the whole world about HAZARAS.

  2. Sadiq says:

    Good Job brother Mohammad Rezaee; I am proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!

  3. Ali Alimi says:

    Masha allah Aqaee Rezaee. shoma Iftikhar tamami az mo Hazaraha hastid. Mowafaq Bashid.

  4. Altaf says:

    Many congratulations to all organizers specially mr. Rezaee. I really appreciate the important work done.
    Just a quick thought about how to present our history before the world. I know you all must have found it extremely hard and frustrating to gather accurate information about the history of us because it has been falsified and manipulated carefully and strategically. Our history has been blurred to hide the truth and the reality about who we are by our rivals and religious Islamic forces. Please make sure we share nothing, but all true, complete and accurate account about our origin and roots before the world.
    Frankly speaking I believe an awful amount of work needs to be done, and our historians need to work meticulously before presenting our history before the world. We cant afford presenting unfounded and dubious account of our history.

  5. Joe says:

    Dear fellow Hazaras!
    My name is Joe. I am not a Hazara; also, I am not from Afghanistan. I met Mr. Rezaee in 2004; after that we became friends. I MUST HAVE TO MENTION THAT BEFORE THAT I DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HAZARAS and their history. He was the one who educated me; not only me but many others. And many Americans including myself have been helping him with his exhibition. He got most high-level-officials and Americans attention. Believe me there are more Americans than Hazaras in this state who have helped Mr. Rezaee>!!! I am proud of him and all Afghans and specially Hazaras MUST BE proud of him.
    After helping Mr. Rezaee, I committed to his activities a lot. Today when I was searching, Altaf‘s comment got my attention. After the opening of the Hazara photo exhibition, Mr. Rezaee has given many speeches in Atlanta areas, and he was invited outside of states too, but because he was busy he could not go. He is well-educated and knows A LOT (especially) Afghanistan’s and Hazaras’ history. Several Americans refer to him as historian, and several asked him to write a book. Besides that much knowledge he asked Mr. Yazdanee to write a brochure for him. Therefore, he is very cautious about talking the history and he knows what to do.
    At the end I must have to say that you Hazaras need more people like Mr. Rezaee to introduce your culture and tell your history to the word>!

    • Altaf says:

      Joe I have appreciated and admired his work. Of course we need many more people like him and mr. Yazdani. But you yourself have admitted to had little or no knowledge about Hazaras before your meeting with him. This makes me think about your intention of being very judgmental in your comments. I blame you and your big brother the British to be partially responsible for our indigence and brutal persecution at the hands of Pashtoons and Pashtoon Taliban in recent history.

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