Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2011

Photo: Worldwide Protest Against Genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan

Quetta– Hazara diaspora around the world held an international day of protest on October 01 against the genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan. Protest rallies were taken out in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Austria, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and other parts of the world. Below is a photo and video report of the worldwide protests.

Editor Note: The below photos are taken by different persons and compiled by Saleem Javed for this report.

New York, USA

Vienna, Austria

Toronto, Canada

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Stockholm, Sweden

Rome, Itly

Quetta, Pakistan

Oslo, Norway

New York, USA

Munich, Germany

Melbourne, Australia

Malmo, Sweden

Kabul, Afghanistan

Istanbul, Turkey

Hamburg, Germany

Auckland, New Zeland

Adelaid, Australia

Quetta, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan

Perth, Australia

Ankara, Turkey

Vienna, Austria

London, United Kingdom

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  1. raza says:

    I am sad due to Hazaras killing. All over Pakistan killing of Shias is going on. Agencies are doing this & imparliast are involved. Shias must be united & must organised force for their defence.

  2. jawed says:

    we must do something, specially the leadership such as Mr. Muhaqiq and Mr. Khalili. it is not fair to sit and see them to come and kill us. Like Behsud which several Talib came and killed many of our people. why we should not defend from ourselives. We dont want to fight but if they want to kill us without any crime, so here we should show them how we are strong but please please be united. dont make several oposition parties like Hezb-e Wadat mardum or Hezb-e Wahdat or Hezb-e Harakat. this kind of policy will divide us into peaces and will make us weaker and weaker. Lets get UNITED and punish these terrorists

  3. i m very very sad about my hazara poeple in quetta pakistan because pakiatani goverment not control that shit poeple because kiling the hazara poeple for nothings its taliban or its pakistani goverment kiling the hazara poeple in quetta dead to pakistan dead to pakistan and when the hazara poeple protast please don t kiling the hazara poeple for nothings then pakistani goverment selfe kiling the hazara poeple or arresting for nothing that poeple shit poeple kiling nobody else arresting going way like a normal poeple thats good no good

  4. shazia says:

    nice articl.Pakistani Govt.have to answer for this brutality.Aslam raesani is a damn shit of the bull with his ignorant mentality,he deserve to be sweeper,atleast sweeper better know what to answer in tht situation.

  5. Abid Khan says:

    Well said by the learned analyst. Lets hope that Pakistani government mends it ways.

  6. Abid Khan says:

    Well, the writer has put an objective analysis of the situation but will the rulers of Pakistan mend their ways? A million dollar Question

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